I’m fascinated by the brain because there’s so much about it that we don’t yet know. It’s like Science Fiction. Magic. I focus on visual perception and memory, and it’s through my work with the University of Leicester that I’m finding answers to some really burning questions. Like how do neurons construct our thoughts? And how do they make us create and recall memories?

I have to confess, I was never all that interested in biology at high school. But it was whilst studying for my Physics degree back home in Buenos Aires that I started working with electroencephalogram data and pretty soon I was completely hooked on studying the brain.

Since then, my research has taken me all over the world – from Germany to Japan, and back across the pond to Caltech. Now I’m here at Leicester, where our work has received worldwide attention and could go a long way towards helping us understand more about brain function.

Being able to show people the basic principles of how we see, how we think and how our memories work is a huge privilege.