To really get a feel for how geology works, you need to see it all for yourself. At the University of Leicester, I’ve had the opportunity to study abroad and visit some spectacular places, which has given me the independence and confidence to take my career anywhere I want.

I’ve always been questioning the world around me. And that’s why I love studying geology so much – it lets me find the ‘how’s and ‘why’s for myself.

So why did I choose Leicester for my MGeol course? Well, for starters, the specimen collection is like nowhere else I’ve seen, and the department’s facilities and equipment are readily-accessible 24 hours a day. What’s also great is that you get a real sense of community on a small campus like this.

But because I love the outdoors and travelling, the thing that really sealed the deal for me was the opportunity to learn out in the real world. My fieldwork has taken me up and down the country, and I’ve just completed a year studying in Arizona, which was just amazing. Being at Leicester, I can feel my enthusiasm for geology growing stronger every day.