Combining genetics with history is well and truly in my DNA. And we’ve been uncovering what’s in Richard III’s DNA too. We’re doing some genuinely groundbreaking research here at the University of Leicester. And the most exciting part? With all the possibilities that combining genetics with history brings, the best is yet to come.

It was my desire to explore these possibilities that led me to Leicester, where I studied for a Master’s degree in Molecular Genetics. The things I learned have helped me go on to investigate everything from the link between Y-chromosomes and surnames, to the genetic legacy of Vikings and, of course, leading the way in identifying the remains of Richard III.

I spearheaded the entire Richard III genome-sequencing project. We’ve discovered some incredible things about him, right down to what colour his eyes and hair were!

And whether it’s through giving lectures or speaking on the TV and radio, I’m genuinely passionate about communicating science to the public and helping to shape our history.