Whether it’s analysing stats or plotting the history of business, I think it’s safe to say I’m economics through-and-through. The same goes for my Dad, who did his PhD at the University of Leicester, so for me there was only ever one place to study. And now I’m here, I know I’ve got the confidence and ability to be an expert in the thing I love the most. Just like Dad.

The facilities here are fantastic and I know I can always speak to my lecturers and tutors if I need their support. That’s the thing I love the most about studying here. Everything I need is always within reach.

I’ve become much more independent since I started at Leicester. The social life, the freedom of living in halls and the support network that comes with it, has all helped me grow as a person and given me the confidence to grab onto every opportunity that comes along.

I’m now well on the way to becoming the expert, and the person, I always hoped I’d be. Dad was right, this really is the place for me.